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Available Classes

Community Classes

Four or six week sessions

Masks are optional, but not mandatory. All equipment at each facility are cleaned before and after each class.

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Mommy & Me

3 months to 1 year (or until they are walking)

This class combines yoga with play time for parent and baby. Yoga poses and strengthening are offered for parents, while at while movement postures for baby will assist in digestion, sleep and socialization. Gentle massage, sensory-based techniques and relaxation are included for both!


Yoga for Parent & Child

2 to 5 years

Spend time with your child in this fun, dynamic, parent-child yoga class. This class combines child friendly yoga poses with stories, music, breathing exercises, and games. Emphasis of the class will include developing your child's sensory systems and gross motor skills, and of course having fun with your child!


Yoga For Preschoolers

3 to 5 years

This class is designed for preschool aged children. It will incorporate child-friendly yoga poses with stories, music, breathing exercises, games. Classes are active and fun for all!

Yoga for Kids

6 to 9 years

Yoga poses will be introduced to build body awareness, self-confidence, strength and balance through music, games and stories. This class may include a craft activity.


Yoga For Tweens & Teens

10 to 12 years

Yoga poses will be introduced to develop balance, strength and flexibility to promote self-confidence and self-esteem. Each session will include breathwork, partner and group work, music and games. This class usually includes a craft activity.

13 to 16 years

This yoga class runs for 60-75 minutes, and will include yoga postures and sequences resembling an adult class. Challenging poses, partner work, breath work and meditation are included in every class. A project and/or community services will be introduced to promote awareness of the world and environment all around us, while at the same time, working on team building and group skills.

Yoga for Girls

8 to 12 years

Yoga and Mindfulness for Girls is a series specially designed to introduce girls to the practice of yoga. This class will help girls to develop self-awareness and self-confidence while promoting a healthy body image and self esteem through yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation, community building and more. Classes will usually include a project/craft.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Young Athletes is an all-levels for those who wish to prepare their bodies and minds for peak performance in athletics and fitness activities. Students will gain physical and mental strength, flexibility and improve coordination and balance. They will also develop skills to manage stress, improve focus and concentration.


Yoga for Children of All Abilities

Yoga for Children with ALL abilities is an accessible program to meet your child where he/she is in their development. Children with exceptional learning and movement challenges are welcome to come to this class. Yoga poses, movement and breathing exercises will be practiced to work on motor skills, encourage relaxation, improve focus, practice social skills and encourage self regulation. We promise to offer a calm environment where every child, of any age or ability, feels nurtured and supported.

Celebrate your next birthday party with us!

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Early Elementary Yoga Camp

Contact us for pricing and details!

Email for locations.

Additionally, we are available to join any camp already 

established as an extracurricular class during the week.

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